Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Support - It does exist....!

Google is such a force in on WWW that web marketers must deal with them. If you don't you're giving up on more than 50% of your market. That being said Google can be arrogant, or at least certainly appear to be. Today I had a positive experience with their support for Adwords that I want to pass on.

Over the years when I wanted support, I have used their email support system. At best this has been frustrating... at worst, I would call it a disaster. The problem is simple ... when you send a support request and ask a question, Google doesn't answer it.. they send you a bunch of FAQ's. Okay, you may being thinking, that's not all bad for a first response... and I would agree... that probably is acceptable for a first response. BUT not for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th response!! That's right. I recently tested their system.. and after their first response, I wrote back and told them that the answer wasn't in the FAQ's and I need someone to give me a specific answer to my question. No such luck, just more FAQ's. After five times I finally gave up.

The answer to the Google run around is pretty simple. Google has a chat based support. Use it, because when you ask these people a direct question, you get a direct answer... not a fistful of FAQ's thrown in your face.

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